DateCalculator is a Java application that performs calculations on calendar dates. It is free software, distributed under version 3 of the GNU General Public License.

It can perform three functions:

Add a number of days to a date or subtract a number of days from a date (eg, find the date 100 days after today).
Calculate the number of days between two dates (eg, find the number of days from the start of next week to the end of the year).
Generate a sequence of dates with a given number of days between each successive pair of dates (eg, make a list of all the Saturdays in the next four years).

It uses the Gregorian calendar for all dates, and it accepts input dates between the years 1600 CE and 3999 CE. Dates output by DateCalculator are displayed in user-defined formats. In those formats, the names of days and months may be obtained from a Java locale (a language, or a language and a country) or they may be user-defined.

The current version of DateCalculator is 3.1 (2017-11-04).

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Last modified: 2017-11-04